The DeFi Education Fund's (DEF) mission is to educate policymakers about the benefits of decentralized finance and to achieve regulatory clarity for the DeFi ecosystem. The DEF is nonpartisan and global in approach and orientation. To accomplish its multi-pronged mission, the DEF focuses on research and advocacy efforts in the following areas:

Policymaker education

We need to directly educate legislative and regulatory policymakers about the benefits of DeFi and decentralized governance.

Thought leadership and research

We need to more effectively explain the existing and potential benefits and uses of DeFi.

Grassroots advocacy

We need to make it easy for DeFi community members to voice their opinions in the policymaking process.


We need to better formulate ideas, prepare spokespeople, and communicate to policymakers and the general public the benefits and promise of DeFi.

Legal firepower

We need to develop a strong bench of legal advocates in multiple jurisdictions and venues.

Best practices

We need to develop models for all DeFi projects to benefit from collectively.

The DEF’s grant recipients include a mix of organizations and individuals working to advance policymakers' understanding of the DeFi ecosystem. The policy and regulatory environment that will affect the DeFi ecosystem is developing quickly. Submit a grant proposal today and help shape the future of DeFi policy around the world.

The DeFi Education Fund accepts proposals throughout the year. Unless stated otherwise as part of a specific request for proposal, there are no submission deadlines or specified submission periods. Please allow adequate time for review and processing of proposals which can be up to 60 days.

Award Amounts are determined through a balance of the financial needs of the project and the The DeFi Education Fund available resources.

In determining the length of an award, The DeFi Education Fund considers the time that the project will need to demonstrate considerable progress to grant goals, milestones and achievement of outcomes, impact and deliverables.

The DeFi Education Fund